wedding price

There are no two identical weddings and no two identical gemstones in the world. We will create your unique gemstone with you.

All travel costs are included in the price.


• work up to 8 hours

• 2 cameramen

• aerial video

• film 15-20 min

• clip 1-2 min

The task of cameramen is to preserve all the valuable moments and convey the atmosphere of the wedding. There won’t be long toasts in your wedding film, but the feelings of every guest will remain. And after watching the video, you will again survive all the vivid emotions of your wedding.



• work up to 12 hours

• 2 cameramen

• aerial video

• film 15-30 min

• clip 2-3 min

• documentary film 40-90 min

All-day long two cameramen work with you. They will save all the moments of your wedding. You will survive this day again by watching your wedding video.



• work up to 12 hours

• 3 cameramen

• aerial video

• film 15-30 min

• clip 2-3 min

• documentary film 40-90 min

• SDE-clip

Three cameramen work on your wedding, so even a single tear won’t be unnoticed by them. Also, it includes SDE-clip and Film in chronology.


Each package includes

• Pre-wedding consultation
• Video editing, colour correction and sound design
• Sound recording with DJ remote control during ceremony and banquet                          • USB flash drive
• Transportation costs
• Back-up copy of your materials

 Additional services:

• Additional team time – [Price 100£/hour]

• Instagram clip – we edit a one minute clip of your wedding in 1-3 days after the celebration. [Price 100£]

• SDE-clip – we edit video during your wedding and show it to guests at the end of the wedding day. [Price 300£]

• Documentary film – editing video and sound in chronological order. The duration of the video is 40-90 min. [Price 150£]

• Love Story — shooting a pre-wedding or post-wedding walk. [Price from 200£]

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